There is no doubting the roll Norway has played on extreme music’s overall health and growth. Be it black, death or avant-garde, it has been a geographical mecca of quality offerings that have been cherished worldwide. Together since 1996, Notodden-based MindGrinder have quietly amassed a sizeable following with extremely limited musical offerings. In 2004, the world became their stage.

Recorded at the famed Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Zyklon, Emperor, Windir), the full-length debut “MindTech” (2004) features ten fiercely aggressive songs that showcase this rising bands profound style of metal, probably best described as a blend of Death and Thrash Metal.

Featuring current, former and session musicians from SCUM, Windir, Zyklon, Notodden Allstars and Source of Tide, the band is sure to peak the curiosity of metal fans worldwide. The band has already shared the stage with the likes of Testament, Zyklon, Behemoth, Mortiis, Myrkskog, Disiplin, among others. The band has grown to be a strong live force, and looks to add more shows to their growing accomplishments in the near future.

Shortly after release of the bands first widely traded/distributed three-song 2001 demo titled “Bless the Imbecile”, MindGrinder teamed up with Portugal’s Sound Riot Records. After a short relationship, the band moved on to Nocturnal Art Productions, the label owned by Zyklon/ Emperor guitarist Samoth in late 2003.

When the band released the “MindTech” album in the spring 2004, they already had most of the material ready for their next effort. They had also recruited talented drummer Dan as a fulltime member, giving MindGrinder the final edge with his extravagant drumming. MindGrinder, now a complete, hard working unit, were preparing to hit the stage and push the sound of the band even further. MindGrinder had an active and successful 2004 and “MindTech” was given praise by media and fans worldwide.

In November 2004, the band entered Akkerhaugen Lydstudio once again. In a couple of weeks the new album was nailed down and the result is outstanding. The new album entitled “Riot Detonator” will showcase the band’s continual progression and uncompromising METAL!

Shortly after the recording Dan left MindGrinder due to a priority situation. Shortly after NEX (ex Disiplin) was welcommed onboard the MG-tank as a permanent batterist!

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